In Japan, the preparation of a meal is a ritual that combines purity and aesthetics with practicality and efficiency. This fusion of design and functionality is what Qrib is all about. With its compact design, Qrib caters for people who love cooking and socializing outside in a more intimate setting. Couples, small families, select groups of culinary connoisseurs and people on their own, who value the preparation as much as the food on their plates.

As a fusion of Japanese teppanyaki and hibachi cuisine, Qrib combines quality and style and takes the BBQ concept to a new level. With 3 different types of interchangeable grills, you can bake and grill meals in any way you like and even enjoy the warmth of the fire. The extendibility of the grills provides variation in temperature zones and the two-way AirQontrol gives you control over the fire.


3 Different grills

Qrib comes with 3 different types of grills and you can even use two at the same time.Simply use the gripper to switch between grills. Then bake and grill in any style you like, including Japanese teppanyaki and hibachi style.

Portable fire place

One of the grills doubles as a funnel with which you can turn the Qrib into a portable fireplace. After all, there is nothing better than warming yourself by the fire after a delicious meal.


The two-way AirQontrol allows for easy fire regulation, which means better fuel burning and less smoke. Qrib uses charcoal for barbecuing and wood for a cosy fireplace.

Temperature zones

By extending the grill to another position above the fire, you can raise or lower the temperature. You can also create two different temperature zones side by side, simply by varying the amount of charcoal that you put in the two zones in the fire bowl.

2 Types of undercarriage

The Qrib can be mounted on two types of lightweight, mobile undercarriage. The first one, called boQ, comes in 2 different heights. The other one is called bloQ and by connecting several bloQs you can create a simple outdoor kitchen

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